Surety Bond

A comprehensive Surety Bond product offering geared to small contracts under $400,000

  • Full suite including Bid, Payment, Performance and Maintenance Bonds.

  • Receive your Surety Bond Approval in 2-5 days.

  • Competitive Insurance Premiums.

  • Limited amount of information disclosure required.

    Home Insurance

    Homeowner’s coverage doesn’t have to be difficult to understand. A basic Open Coast Surety Homeowners Insurance Policy will cover the following:

    •  The structure of your home

    •  Replacement cost

    •  Personal possessions (up to a set limit)

    •  Living expenses in case of a disaster

    •  Liability

    You can also add supplemental policies such as:

    • Valuable Articles/Floater policies (i.e. Jewelry Insurance)

    •  Flood policies

    •  Umbrella policies (additional liability)

    Auto Insurance

    The insurance protection you need when you’re on the move:

    • Auto Insurance – Get the right insurance coverage for your car, truck, van or other vehicles.

    • Motorcycle Insurance – Ride safe and insure your motorcycle.

    • ATV and Motorsport Insurance – Insurance policies that cover all your toys.

    • Classic Car Insurance – Your classic car is an icon. Insure it well.

    • RV and Mobile Home Insurance – Home insurance for your home-on-the-road.

    • Boat and Watercraft Insurance – Insurance coverage for the captain of the ship.